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Quantum Merchant Services offers a variety of merchant services specifically designed for unique businesses like yours. To learn more click on the product or service below.


Credit Card Terminals

VX-810 Credit Card Terminal
VX-670 Wireless Credit Card Terminal

Virtual Credit Card Services

eCommerce Gateway Services

Accept Credit Cards & Card Processing

Quantum Merchant Services continues to help businesses grow by giving them the capability to accept credit cards and is part of First Data, the largest provider of credit card processing services in the world.

Quantum Merchant Services offers many credit card processing tools and software solutions to allow even the smallest company to accept credit cards:

Hardware Solutions

Quantum Merchant Services provides two types of credit card terminals:

  • Verifone VX810 PinPad Terminal – This credit card processing solution is ideal for most storefront-based operations that accept credit cards in a stationary location. It is both reliable and capable of high-volume credit card processing transactions.
  • Verifone VeriFone VX 670 Wireless Terminal – This terminal is designed for mobile sales situations where credit card processing is required. Merchants can accept credit cards separate from a storefront.

Online Solutions

To accept credit cards online, Quantum Merchant Services provides two distinct credit card processing solutions:

  • Virtual Terminal – Ideal for a home-based small businesses or companies without a storefront, a Virtual Terminal-based credit card processing situation can accept credit cards without any additional hardware or software, just a web-browser.
  • Gateway-Website Integration – This type of credit card processing solution is designed for companies that want to accept credit cards in an already-configured website and is compatible with many types of third-party shopping carts.

Phone-based Solutions

To accept credit cards online, Quantum Merchant Services provides two distinct credit card processing solutions:

  • IVR – An Interactive Voice Response solution is designed for businesses that want to be able to accept credit cards 24 hours a day, 365 days per year via phone.

Additionally, Quantum Merchant Services offers the Clientline Reporting Tool, allowing business owners to keep careful track of all their credit card processing history. This tool can be configured to automatically email or fax reports at scheduled intervals.